AutoGele is a permanently styled chic and trendy gele. This means that with AutoGele, you do not have to tie, pick layers, use pins, waste time and stress yourself on your gele yet it looks like you tied it.

AutoGele has an adjustable strap and knotting ends so all you have to do is take your AutoGele round your head, hook the adjustable strap and knot the ends at the back of your head.

No, AutoGele is not tied down.

AutoGele comes with an adjustable strap that makes it fit any head size and also manage expansion as a result of hairstyles.

Yes, AutoGele comes in a variety of size option

No, AutoGele does not come in one style Check MEET THE AUTOGELES

No, the style or layers cannot come off as AutoGele is permanently styled and well tailored to last long. Our customers are still rocking their AutoGele without complaints

Yes, AutoGele comes in different gele materials.

This depends on the particular AutoGele product you’re purchasing. You can leave your hair out when you want to and with some; there is a provision for covering the back of the head.

AutoGele as a product comes well packaged. However, our customers have discovered different methods that suit them.

You can buy directly as a product from any of our channels and you can send your gele materials in to be converted to AutoGele.

Yes, AutoGele product can be gotten with ipele (shoulder/waist wrap) and or cap strip as a complete package for Aso-oke. However, for Sego, AutoGele product can be gotten with ipele (shoulder/waist wrap) only as its complete package.

If you are getting AutoGele as a product, the price varies based on material. Follow this link SHOP. If you are sending your gele materials to be converted to AutoGele, check this linkAUTOMATE YOUR GELE



Delivery takes 3-7 working days

Answer: Yes, We deliver nationwide

You can choose to drop off and pick up at our designated points and we can schedule pick ups for your gele materials and deliver your automated geles back to you. AUTOMATE YOUR GELE
Pick up period: 1-2 days